Trade-Up / Trade-In Policies



Jewels by Grace has a very flexible and liberal trade-up policy – we would be delighted to accept your JbG item back in trade under the following conditions:

~  The new item you are considering is at least twice the value of your trade-in item.  Having said that, there is some flexibility on this policy which we will consider on a case by case basis.  We are able to offer different scenarios to make it work.

~ We cannot accept more than 2 items in trade.

~ Most consigned items are not eligible for our trade-up policy as it’s not inventory we owned to begin with.  However, we are happy to consider your item on a case-by-case basis.  In the event that we are not able to accept your consignment item in a trade-up scenario, we would be happy to accept the item on consignment and offer you a flat and drastically reduced consignment fee of $375 (all other policies and fees will apply such as credit card fees, refurbishment fees, etc.).  This guarantees that you will always have options with us!

~ Before we can finalize a trade-up sale, we need receive your items in-house first so that we may assess and appraise its current condition.  Your item must be sent back to us in its original condition and accompany your original paperwork including, but not limited to:  sales invoice, lab certificates if any).  Any repairs/refurbishment needed to accept your item back in trade will be debited towards your trade-up credit.



~  We are happy to consider your items in trade!  To proceed, we would need detailed photos, appraisals (if available), as well as any lab certificates (if available).  The more detailed information we have, the better we can determine if we would be able to accept your item(s) in trade.

~ For the most part, we are only open to accept vintage and antique jewels.  We would be happy to consider modern goods on a case-by-case only.

~ If we are not able to accept your items in trade, we may be able to offer them to a network of dealers (both antique and modern goods) who may be interested in making you an offer.  We would not be privy to this transaction, and would only be making referrals.


The fine print:

While we are happy to give you 100% credit on your trade-up item, please note that there are minimal costs associated with your trade-in.

1.  Refurbishment costs ($75) - this includes, but is not limited to, deep clean, buff and polish, tighten prongs, rhodium (if necessary). 

We will advise you of any extra additional costs include replacing chipped diamonds, touch up milgrain, etc. not included in the service above.

2.  Updated Qualitative report - $65 - this ensures that the item you are trading back to us is the same item we sold you.  We will re-confirm the diamonds against the original report, assess overall condition, and check for damage.  In cases where the jewelry is certified, we will confirm that the center stone(s) is the same one as the certificate.

The above steps ensure that the quality of the items we take back in trade is the same as the one we initially sold.