Grace….OMG!!!! The ring is absolutely gorgeous. I did not open the box until a little while ago because I was waiting on my boyfriend to get here so we could look at it together. He lives in OH and just got here a while ago. Anyway, I have been looking at rings for months and I could not find that perfect ring. He is a very good to me but he does not have a romantic bone in his body. He gave me the money and told me just to find and buy whatever I wanted which is why I was shopping for my own ring. When I opened the box, I closed it immediately. I was in total shock. I literally could not speak-it was that stunning. Then he looked at it and just stared. I actually starting crying when I tried the ring on. It fits perfectly by the way. I am so extremely happy words can not express how I feel. Thank you so much! You have been a dream to work to get my dream ring. - AH

Grace, just a quick note to let you know that she arrived safely to a loving and appreciative home. She is absolutely beautiful! Thank you again for a smooth transaction. S and I are collecting for our 3 granddaughters and hope to have pieces fashioned for them that they will always treasure. Like your special gems, your luminescence is reflected in your packaging, customer service and the little lagniappe included with each purchase - we love your notes. Thank you, and we'll be in touch soon. Sending Love and Light You Way - - V&S

G Thank you so much! You just made my day and more importantly you are making a girl very, very happy this weekend. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything. Don't tell anybody, but I'm even a little excited too. Thanks again Grace! - SB

It's gorgeous!!!! We are so in love with it. Thank you so much! We are going to look at settings this weekend. I cannot wait to set it. I will share photos once it's set! I'm so happy that Mxxx introduced me to your website. I just knew that you'd be the one I would choose. Thank you again! - MG

Thank you - that was very fast. Thank you also for being such a pleasure to work with; I will certainly recommend you to friends and look forward to working together again in the future. - SS It’s here!!!! I love it. It is just beautiful. It fits my fingers perfectly, no “muffin top” at all. I will take it over to my jeweler tomorrow to get it set. I’ll send you a picture when I get it back. I cannot thank you enough for being so accommodating and wonderful to deal with. - CR

Well…….I received this beautiful ring today and I literary gasped when I untied the ribbon and opened the pouch. I was expecting a ring box but this gorgeous ring was sitting staring at me. My husband and I cannot believe how gorgeous the diamond and the setting are. We are beyond thrilled. It is the perfect ring to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Thank you so so much for your time and help over the last few months. I am so happy !!!! :) - BG

I am very excited to tell you I have received the ring!!!! The moment I open it I know I made the right decision, it is so beautiful! :))) I am really happy and excited right now! And thank you so much for the gift, that is extremely sweet of you! :) Really appreciate it! Totally worth the wait and love it to the max! :)) - FT

The package arrived this morning, uneventfully -- complete with your lovely handwritten note! (Such elegant handwriting... mmmmm...) As you know, the two pieces are, indeed, stunning! Each one exceeds expectations. The craftsmanship is obvious, and the designs are unique. What strikes me, also, is that each piece (earrings and, even more so, bracelet) is/are very WEARABLE. The jewelry is substantial, but on a very "realistic" scale. The overall delicacy of the pieces adds to the effect of understated (rather than overpowering) style. Really, just beautiful! Of course, I am glad to have both pieces, and I think that they deserve to be worn together. A bracelet need not "match" earrings, of course, but these particular pieces do complement each other perfectly. (For those satisfying moments when the bracelet-wearing hand just ever-so-casually smooths back one's hair, for example...) If it seems appropriate to do so, and if the opportunity arises, could you please pass along to the original owner my appreciation for her parting with these treasures -- and for doing so at a price that allowed me to purchase them as a set? I will most certainly be wearing and enjoying them for years! May even be persuaded to loan them out to daughters or sisters... I will continue to watch your offerings. I cannot say enough good about the jewelry and the service so far!!! Thank you very, very much - JL

I just wanted to drop a line to say "WOW!" The ring is absolutely beautiful! I rushed home from work yesterday, and I most definitely was not disappointed in the small treasure I found in that beautiful little red box. The ring sparkles like the dickens, and it throws off the most stunning flashes of color. In addition, as a lover of warm diamonds, I was absolutely thrilled at the warmth and depth of the stone. The setting is exactly what I have been looking for, and the diamond compliments it perfectly. I cannot wait to wear the ring everyday (but am waiting until we can have it properly insured)! I wanted to say thank you for making this process such a dream. Your speedy communication and thoughtful responses made this process so much easier than I'd ever imagined it could be. The note you included with the ring was also a very lovely touch, and Gabriel and I smiled reading it. - JE

Well, i was shaking when the ring arrived and I was opening it, I love it so so much...i am just overwhelmed with the detail and quality of the ring. I am more than pleased with it and cannot thank you enough for the prompt response, and just all around wonderful customer service, it's rare in this day and age, and i will continue to watch your website and imagine we will talk again sometime soon :) - GK