Victorian Vinaigrette Egg Pendant


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When we first spotted this piece, we thought that it was simply an antique egg locket. With the help of some knowledgable colleagues, we came to learn that she is actually a Victorian-era vinaigrette, which is a small container used to hold scented perfume or powder, either loose or soaked into a piece of cotton or sponge. These sorts of jewels were carried around by women so that if they happened upon a place or setting with an unpleasant smell, they could simply open their vinaigrette and smell something pretty!

What an elegant way to go about something not quite as elegant! Our vinaigrette is covered in red and yellow enamel (in excellent condition, might we add!). While you see more silver detail on the outside, if you open it up you reveal the inner yellow gold mechanisms and perfume container in great shape too!

14kt yellow gold & silver.

3.9 pennyweight

Measures: 25.5mm x 13.2mm

Please see qualitative report for more information.

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