Art Deco Lapis and Gold Sword Motif Jabot

From Antique Jewelry University:

"A jabot pin is a brooch with a bejeweled motif at either end. ... Circa mid-seventeenth century, jabot pins were used to secure the ruffled or lace piece of fabric (the jabot) that men wore on the front of their shirts."

These Art Deco jabot pins/pendants with Etruscan details are an absolute dream. From the warmth of the yellow gold to the blue hue of the lapis, we love how elongated and leggy this sword is. We think it would make an insanely badass drop pendant, or even converted onto a chain with an east-west orientation. As a brooch? No questions asked - it looks and feels insanely cool.

14kt Yellow Gold, 3.3" in length.

Please see qualitative report for more information.

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