5.14ct Asscher Mint Garnet (Grossular) & Diamond Ring, by Jeff White


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Certainly one of the most beautiful specimens of this gemstone I have come across (and you know I am a diamond girl!). This mint green grossular garnet is truly a spectacular specimen of the variety. Impeccably cut by renowned gem cutter Jeff White, the cutting showcases the gem in all its glory - super bright, rich, almost electric color, and so brilliant. The facets are crisp and razor sharp. The gemstone is accented perfectly by a icy-white pair of trapezoids and bullets, in platinum. A wonderful gemstone collector's piece!

Garnet is from Tanzania, part of the cutter's collection of old material more recently cut.

Measures 9.02mm. There is a natural on one edge of the gemstone which the cutter left to preserve both weight and the overall diameter of the gem.

Platinum, size 5.75, and fully sizable.

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