4.26ct Art Deco Old Mine Cut Diamond & Sapphire Ring, GIA L VS2

This impeccable Art Deco mounting had been kicking around for quite some time, waiting for its’ perfect diamond center stone. Along came the elongated 4.26ct, and the rest was history!

This beautiful ring has quickly become an office (and Instagram!) favorite - with her tapered, calibre-cut sapphire shoulders and trefoil motifs on the gallery. An excellent example of the antique craftsmanship we know and love, and we haven’t even talked about the center stone yet! This beautiful old mine cut not only has classically chunky faceting, but also those elongated proportions that everybody is looking for these days. A beautiful ring, through and through.

Platinum, size 6.5, and fully resizable.

Diamond measures 10.85 x 9.24 x 5.64 mm

GIA report is listed here


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