2.07ct Vintage French Pear Cut Diamond Solitaire, GIA H SI1

An instant fave! We like our pear shapes either chubby or leggy - no in-betweens for us over here. This one is of the "Mrs Potts" variety - chubby, with a healthy belly and ful of charm an girth. Set in what appears to be a 1970s/1980s setting (gorgeous patina and rich gold color on her!), although the stone is much older. She is low set on the finger, and sparkles like mad against the rich color of the gold. And. oh-la-la - she is French so she speaks with an accent too!

18kt yellow gold, with French hallmarks. Size 6, and fully sizable.

Diamond measure 9.72 x 7.76 x 4.40mm

GIA link here

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