1.21ct "Royal Asscher" Cut Diamond, GIA I VS

From the Royal Asscher website:

"In 1999, Edward and Joop Asscher became intrigued by the possibility of enhancing their Great-grandfather, Joseph Asscher’s design for the original Asscher Cut. The diamond industry had advanced significantly since 1902… modern technology, including computer modeling and simulation now offered fresh insight into the age old art of diamond cutting and polishing. After two years of intensive research, consultation with their master polishers and multiple refinements, Edward and Joop presented the Royal Asscher Cut as a successor to the Asscher Cut.

The diamond is perfectly symmetrical, with proportions that fall within strict parameters; every facet is measured for absolute accuracy. The Royal Asscher Cut has a high crown and 74 facets – whereas the modern square-emerald cut, and the original Asscher both have 58 facets.

Today the Asscher family name is often used as a commodity term for square-emerald cuts. It is obvious why companies want to use the world-renowned Asscher name, yet there are often significant differences between a square-emerald cut and Joseph Asscher’s Asscher Cut. His 1902 design specified definitive criteria, the standard square-emerald cut is infrequently cut to these guidelines and as such is unrepresentative of the Asscher Cut.

The Royal Asscher Cut, as coveted as it’s predecessor, is protected by a worldwide patent and is the signature diamond of Royal Asscher; a name which guarantees excellence."

This was a diamond which had me smitten even before I found out about its provenance! The diamond is bright, is bright, has lots of character and charm to boot! The faceting is crisp and very distinct (RA diamonds have 74 facets versus 58 on the "generic" asschers). But my favorite part just maybe the diamond's deeper clipped corners - making it almost look like an octagonal shaped step cut. This diamond would make for the prettiest piece of jewelry.

Diamond measures 5.97 x 5.97 x 3.98 mm

GIA link here

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