1.21ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Helf -Bezel Solitaire, GIA I VS2 EX EX EX

A stunning round brilliant diamond deserves no less than an equally stunning setting befitting its cut and shape. We took this GIA EX EX EX diamond and set in the sleekest and most fluid of designs - the barely-there half-bezel gallery in platinum gives the illusion of the diamond simply floating on the finger. We then created the shank in 18kt rose gold as a warm contrast to the cool platinum gallery. The perfect choice for those looking for a timeless and fluid setting.

Diamond measures 6.85 - 6.86 x 4.19 mm

GIA link here

*This is our newly-released "Melrose" setting. Available to order for your gem, or one of ours. Starts at $3000.

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