1.21ct Jubilee Cut Diamond, GIA M VS2

Jubilee cuts were cut to celebrate the Jubilee anniversary of Queen Victoria, and have quite an interesting make relative to most antique diamonds! While Jubilee cuts do not have a table per se, it has instead eight facets on the top which meet at the center. The table comes to a point, making it a hybrid of a rose cut and brilliant cut. In total, it has 88 facets, and when you stare down upon it, the faceting is very reminiscent of a chrysanthemum.

This 1.21ct stone came to us from its original antique solitaire, and we find it to be absolutely stunning. They’ve got such an incredible prismatic nature to them, and we cannot help but stare each time this stone is around.

Diamond measures 6.38 - 6.48 x 4.65mm

GIA report here

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