1.02ct Rose Cut Diamond, GIA D SI1


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As classically rose cut as a diamond can get! A high domed diamond with the highest color grade possible - win-win!

Rose cuts often get overlooked for their lack of traditional diamond sparkle. Originating from the 1500’s, rose cuts were cut with large, broad facets so that they could perform in low light conditions (think of candle-lit situations, before electricity and light bulbs!). They’ve got a signature shimmer as opposed to sparkle, like a pool or water with light bouncing off.

This 1.02ct rose cut is the sweetest thing, and we absolutely adore her! Bright and shimmery in the light, she’s a unique stone and definitely not the traditional round cut diamond.

Diamond measures 7.37 - 7.48 x 1.98mm

GIA report here

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