How It Works

1. Choose a diamond or gemstone!

(unless you already have one, in which case, we are still happy to consult on a custom design).

2. Let's work on a design together!

We can work off any design ideas you have in mind, any photos you might have stashed away - the sky's the limit. Based on this, we are able to give you a quote for the setting. Once approved, a CAD rendering will be forwarded upon which changes/edits can be requested. Once the CAD is approved, we begin production.

3. Enjoy your Jewels by Grace ring!


Probably the most personal of all, and we make them even more special by sourcing & up-cycling vintage diamonds.


Simply put, they are exquisitely custom cut step cut diamonds set flawlessly to give the illusion of a larger diamond.


Because when one has a beautiful gem as the focal point, you don't need much more.


And why not? We like the fluidity of the design & it's perfect for the fancy shapes we adore so much.


They are sleek, sophisticated, and yes, the easiest to wear of them all.