David Michael Jewels

This collection of Art Jewellery is the work of New Zealand Jewellers, identical twin brothers David and Michael Robinson, now resident in Australia.

Having grown up immersed in the Jewellery industry they have a great understanding and connection to fine Jewellery. David Michael Jewels brings an Artistic approach to the craft, creating Jewellery of their own design, using beautiful and rare gems in whimsical and unique ways. No aspect of bringing David Michael designs to life is delegated. The brothers choose to handmake each Jewel from start to finish.

The creative work, all undertaken in their Australian studio workshop, sees hundreds of hours lavished on each concept. Every detail is fully developed, every angle fully explored. It's extremely rare these days to find the name attached to a brand to be the one who's hands are actually creating the finished objects. No more than fifteen completely one of a kind jewels are designed and created each year.

Using traditional, centuries old, techniques every concept starts with a watercolour sketch. It is then made entirely by hand, delivering a genuine work of Jewellery Art, with its own life and soul. The resulting pieces reflect David Michaels passion and artistic aesthetic... enjoy.

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