Items costing up to $10,000 - $525 or 20% of sale price, whichever is greater;

Items costing $10,001 to $15,000 - 17% of sale price, whichever is greater;

Items costing $15,001 and up - Flat fee of 15%

Fees stated above are inclusive of credit card and bank fees, including the wire transfer discount of 5%.  No other fees are payable by the Consignor other than those previously agreed upon with Seller (including, but not limited to: certification fees, recut/repolish fees, refurbishment costs, etc).

Download a copy of the consignment agreement HERE


Why consign with us?

While our consignment rates are still among the most competitive in the industry, the fees you pay us buy you a whole lot more than being listed on our website. 

With JbyG, you are getting a social media following that is six-figure strong (and growing daily!)​, plus the exposure in many avenues your jewelry and diamonds may not otherwise receive, such as being shown to stylists, bloggers, and industry influencers in trade shows, to the general public in trunk shows, and being "pulled" for media events by industry experts.

Your jewelry and diamonds will also get photographed professionally on a white background to showcase all its gorgeous details, and on a model for proper scale.

In addition, buyers get the added benefit and security of having the items we sell come with third party qualitative reports stating estimated carat weights, color and clarity, metal type, size, and weight, making your jewelry a more attractive purchase.

And while we cannot guarantee selling time for your jewels, I can tell you that beautiful, well-priced pieces have sold within minutes of being posted (in some cases, even before they are shown to the public).

​If you are in a rush, or have a timeline for selling your jewelry that is less than 6 months, consignment is probably not the right vehicle for you. Please let us know if this is the case, and we will offer you other options.


We do not accept ALL jewels and diamonds sent to us for consignment. 
Only shipments with JbyG-issued Merchandise Authorization Numbers will be accepted.
Please do not send us your valuables without contacting us prior, as we may not be able to accept them in-house.
We only wish to receive those items which we know we can sell on your behalf.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions of us – chances are, your questions are already covered below.  If not, please feel free to send me an email at


 How do you arrive at asking prices for jewelry and diamonds?

Arriving at values for jewelry is both simple and complicated at the same time.  While a vast majority of a jewel's value is the diamond or gemstone component, the overall look, craftmanship, desirability, and in many cases, rarity and age play an equally important factor.  We use the Rapp report for diamond pricing as well as current market values.  We have a very strong following and client base who know we offer some of the best and lowest pricing in the industry.

Will you accept my jewelry for consignment?

We advise people that in some cases, unless your jewelry has a fair market value of at least $3,000, it may make more financial sense to try to sell your goods yourself as a first step.  Our minimum consignment fee is $525 so you need to ask yourself if this service is worth it.

In some cases where we feel that we are not the right vehicle for your item, we will tell you so.  We know what we can sell, and what we cannot.  We will never accept what we know we cannot sell – it’s a disservice to all parties concerned. 

Will you accept my items in trade?
We only accept vintage and antique jewels in trade at this time.  However, we do have many trade contacts who would be happy to make you offers on your items, depending on what they are.  We would be happy to assist with this. If you do decide to consign your jewels, we will be happy to offer you a preferred consignment rate IF you spend your consignment proceeds with JbyG.

Do you accept modern goods for consignment?
Yes!  We have a vast client base whose tastes and preferences run the gamut from antique, vintage and modern jewelry. 

For loose diamonds and jewels with center stones greater than a carat, we require that the diamond(s) be certified by the GIA first, prior to being listed.  This would really greatly increase your chances of a sale and allow us to price your jewels fairly and attractively. 

How do I get my diamonds certified by the GIA prior to listing?
We would be happy to arrange this.  The fees (including round-trip shipping) is the seller’s responsibility. Please visit the GIA website to see the fee schedule and current turn-around times.

Can you tell me what I can expect to get for my piece(s)?
If you have photos, appraisal documents, or certificates which can you can email us, we will be able to give you a ballpark figure of what we think your piece will sell for.  Keep in mind, this is a ballpark number at best, as we still have to inspect your pieces for overall condition and accuracy of specs, amongst other things.  

How long will it take to get my item(s) sold?
Please understand that selling time is not something that we can predict.  We have sold many items before they are even listed, some within hours, and some within a few months.  We have a very good track record but there have been cases where we have been unable to sell certain items for a variety of reasons (price, style, etc). 

If you are in a hurry to sell, we may not be the right site for you. We want to get you a fair price for your jewelry, and rushing the process does not behoove you, the seller. 

Are my items insured while in your possession?

Yes.We carry a commercial policy with Jeweler’s Mutual which protects your jewelry against loss, theft, and damage while in our possession.

 What is the safest way to get my items to you?

USPS Registered Mail, while a on the slow side, is still the best and safest way to get your goods to us.  In cases where transit time is critical, you may ship your goods to us using Fedex or UPS, with full insurance coverage by our 3rd party transit insurer.  We will give you a quote for this service, if requested (labels and packaging instructions will be provided for your use).

Please see page 3 of our Consignment Agreement for detailed shipping instructions.

 Will I be contacted when an offer is made on my items?
Any and all offers on your items will be conveyed to you, including lay-away offers.  In cases where a full price offer is tendered, we will accept the offer on your behalf.

How long after the sale is confirmed before I receive my sale proceeds?
Sale proceeds are typically remitted to our consignors within 2 weeks, if not sooner.  This is done via a bank check or ACH (we will need your account and routing number for this).

Will my pieces be automatically marked on sale during sale periods?
We will not put your items on sale UNLESS you advise us. If you do, let us know how much to mark it down and we will happily oblige! We would suggest that your items only be marked on sale after it has been listed for 4 months without any serious offers.

How long does it take after you receive my item(s) before it’s listed on the site?
Upon receipt of your item, it will be inspected, cleaned and polished, appraised, photographed, added to the photo site, amongst other processes.   We require at least 4-6 weeks of prep time prior to listing your items.  

How long is the consignment term for?
While our experience is that most pieces sell within 6-8 months, some pieces may take longer than that.  If we are not able to sell your item after 18 months, you may choose to cancel the agreement by simply paying the end-of-term fee of $175/item.  Return shipping costs will be added to this.

If I change my mind, may I get my item(s) back?
Of course! You may choose to cancel the agreement AT ANY TIME. The minimum consignment fee of $525 will be due, as well as return shipping costs.

Should I get my item(s) appraised independently prior to sending them to you?
While all our consignment pieces come with a qualitative report from an independent firm, it actually behooves you, the seller, to actually know what you have on your hands. It will certainly prevent surprises when we price the goods initially, as well as when we inspect them.

If you do not have a trusted appraiser in your area, you may send your items directly to us, and we will make the arrangements to have them appraised. We work with several trusted and nationally recognized appraisers:

Dave Atlas, GG (

Neil Beatty, GG, ICGA (

Patrick Davis, GG, ASA (

The above appraisers are completely independent and are not affiliated with JbyG.  We are offering this service to make the consignment process as efficient as possible for you.  Fees you incur for their services will be paid to them directly.