Vintage XL Diamond "Figa" Hand Pendant

What a treat this larger gold figa charm is! Cultural significant as a protective amulet or charm, the Italian "figa" charm, comes in the form of a clenched fist with the thumb protruding between the index and middle fingers, is believed to ward off the evil eye and bring good luck. This centuries-old superstition is deeply rooted in Italian folklore and is considered a symbol of good fortune, protection, and positive energy. Many individuals wear or carry the figa charm as a talisman, embracing its cultural history and the belief in its ability to bring blessings and safeguard against negative influences.

As stated, this particular one is pretty cool - with a sliding bangle with a cross charm - how adorable is that?

18kt yellow gold, 1.6" in length.

Diamonds are estimated to be H/I colors & SI/I1 clarities. GIA standards

Please see qualitative report for more information.

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