4.00ct Face Up Diamond Step Cut Mosaic Pendant, Paper Clip Chain

The boldest of them all!

Hot off the bench - more diamond mosaic pendants! These bad boys always seem to sell out, and for good reason! Each bezel is 9 natural step cut diamonds that have been masterfully cut and set to give the face-up appearance of a much larger stone. An amazing look at a great value.

We love how the stones look against the buttery yellow gold, strung alone an airy paperclip chain. These pendants are perfect for daily wear, and look lovely stacked up against your favorite chains and charms.

Diamonds are natural, Earth-mined G/H colors, VS clarities, GIA standards.

Bezel measures 10.4 x 8.2mm

18kt yellow gold bezel, 14kt yellow gold chain, 18” in length.

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