About Me

Jewels by Grace is jewelry boutique offering rare and unique antique diamonds, fine vintage and estate jewels, and contemporary engagement rings.

My business philosophy is very simple.

I just love what I do.

I value our relationships with clients as much as we love selling fine jewelry.

I love that beautiful diamonds and precious jewels bring people together, whether it's for a special occasion, just because, or simply to celebrate the love of jewelry.

I cherish both vintage jewels and antique diamonds as pieces of history filled with memories, romance, and all that which comes from being fiercely loved and worn for decades.

I am inspired at the thought that each jewelry or diamond purchased from me is about to embark on yet another journey for its new custodian - it will be loved, admired, cherished, and be symbolic of a person, or a family's journey.

But most of all, I am someone who loves the stories behind every purchase: I am genuinely happy to hear from the boyfriend who bought a ring 2 years ago and is now buying a wedding band; The husband who bought a Valentine’s Day pendant and now wants to buy a push present; The couple still in college who scrimped and saved every dollar for their promise ring. And of course there is always the woman who bought her own jewelry just because she can.

The core of Jewels by Grace is this simple philosophy – connecting with clients. Our promise to you is that you will receive our personal attention, professional advice, and a beautiful jewel that is worthy of becoming your treasured family heirloom.