It’s no secret that here at Jewels by Grace, we love vintage and antique jewelry. It’s at the core of what we do, and nothing excites us more than spending our time connecting our clients with the perfect piece to celebrate their love or a special occasion. We are strong believers that there should be no restrictions on what can symbolize joyous feelings, but what can be better than a beautiful piece of antique or vintage jewelry, passed through generations, loved and worn forever.

First things first- what’s the difference between “vintage” and “antique”? The rules are pretty bendable and open to interpretation, but generally speaking a vintage piece of jewelry is a few decades old but was made sometime in the past century. Antique jewels date back farther than 100 years, up to the Edwardian Era and early Art Deco. Both vintage and antique jewelry have been pre-owned, and carry with them stories, romance, and memories.

Some of the major reasons we have dedicated so much time to collecting and selling antique and vintage adornments are the same logistics behind why it has become so popular recently to wear them! It can not go unsaid that buying pre-owned antique jewelry is ethically responsible. With older jewelry, there is little if any impact on the environment. Mining production and the waste management from production isn’t newly created for golden olden beauties, therefore making our carbon footprint smaller.

Vintage or Antique 
Antique Jewelry at Jewels by Grace

Not only does antique jewel contribute to our social responsibilities, we admire for its historical presence. There is so much you can learn from an antique piece about the time period it was made in. From Art Deco’s architectural, cubist, and futurist influence, to the specific materials and motifs used in Victorian pieces to represent different aspects of life, we are eternal learners in this industry. Throughout history, life has affected how and what people wear, and jewelry was not forgotten when taking this into consideration. Every piece that comes through our hands we discover something new. Beautiful, tangible history lessons.

In addition to teachings of the past, there is no denying the special magic that vintage and antique pieces hold. It’s overwhelming to think how loved a diamond engagement ring was throughout the decades and generations. The memories and meaning that each person that was luckily enough to possess a piece of jewelry associated with it is an endlessly romantic notion to us. We hope that we are continuously passing on good energy, stories, and intent on with every piece we sell.

While wearing family heirlooms and otherwise forgotten fragments of the past has always been a tradition, we are enthused by the gaining popularity of antique and vintage jewelry. With more concerns about our environment, and lust for historical learning, and an enchantment of the sentimental value of objects, the trend of antique jewelry is on the rise. More and more people are committed to knowing where (and when!) the items they invest in come from, and buying vintage is a reassuring way to know what you are getting. From red carpet appearances, engagement rings and wedding bands, anniversary or push presents, and everyday street fashion- antiques are everywhere! We love that both hollywood celebs living glamorous lifestyles and the everyday working woman wear antique jewels proudly and well. Vintage jewelry is truly for everyone.

Vintage or Antique Vintage or Antique
 Antique Art Deco Target Ring  Antique Victorian Tiara Ring


Even though antique jewelry is quite old, there are still many astounding examples of it. When shopping for an antique piece, you want to be confident that you know what you are getting. There are many reputable and experienced collectors and sellers out there, but trusted, knowledgeable, and professional is the right route to go down. With the demand for older, gorgeous pieces is increasing (which we love!), rest assured that we will always guarantee to offer honest, well informed, and passionate service at JBG. We want the jewelry that you wear to be as exquisite, meaningful, and preserved as it was in all of its previous lives.